Our Staff

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Miss Briana Shaughnessy

Infant Teacher

Briana went to Oxford Public Schools and graduated in 2011. She attended Quinsigamond College for Dental Assistant and held a job in that field before deciding to work with children. Briana always loved children and grew up babysitting her younger sisters and nieces. She decided to try her hand at child care and worked part time at a daycare in Webster as a teacher floating throughout classrooms experiencing all age groups. When Briana decided she wanted her own classroom, she found MFC CIRCLES Learning Center where she was given the opportunity to attend college to qualify as a Teacher. Briana passed the course work with high marks and is now a full-time teacher in the Infant Classroom.

Kelleigh Gilfoy

Ms. Kelleigh Gilfoy

Circles Co-Director

Kelleigh lives in Sutton with her husband. They have 2 adult daughters. Her undergraduate degree is in Early Childhood Education with a CDA (Child Development Associate) from Wheelock College and a Master’s Degree in Education from Cambridge College. She has been teaching for 38 years and is certified in Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School Age Education and Director II. She has worked many years as an Adjunct Professor teaching Developmental Child Psychology, Philosophy of Ed., Infant, Toddler Curriculum and Arts in Education. Recently, Kelleigh obtained her Class B license so that she can drive a school bus. Her belief as a Director is that teachers make or break the classroom so her job is to do everything she can to help them succeed. Kelleigh’s favorite classroom activity is games, especially movement games that involve a lot of action.

Karen Baldwin

Ms. Karen Baldwin

Circles Co-Director

Karen lives in Worcester. She has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Framingham State University.  She worked as a Preschool teacher and Kindergarten teacher for many years before becoming Director of the Millbury Federated Church Nursery School, which she was for 10 years. Karen has wanted to be a teacher since elementary school. Her favorite activities in the classroom are music and art.

Karen spends her spare time with her 3 children; they enjoy going to the theater.

Tara Cadorette

Ms. Tara Cadorette

Preschool Teacher

Tara grew up in Millbury, Mass. She has a B.A. in Theology. She also has nursing prerequisites and some nursing experience. She is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and is certified as a Medical Assistant. Tara’s childcare experience includes work in a summer kid’s camp, as a Sunday School Teacher and three years as a Youth Group Leader. Tara has known that she wanted to work with children since she was 15 years old.

Judy Ferrantino

Ms. Judy Ferrantino

Preschool Teacher

Judy lives in Grafton, MA. She has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from Becker College. She has been a teacher at MFC for 25 years! She got into the educational field when her daughter went to preschool here many years ago and she liked what she saw! Now her grandson is here in day care and she feels the same way. She first knew she wanted to work with children when she worked as a part-time secretary in this preschool for two years. While in that position, Judy saw the children learning on a daily basis and decided that is how she wanted to spend her career – teaching children! Her favorite activities in the classroom are painting, arts/ crafts and science experiments. The one thing she would like people know about her classroom is that it is a place where there is something for every child and learning is fun and easy.

In Judy’s free time she enjoys reading, vacationing at the Cape and boating.

Leila Kluth

Ms. Leila Kluth

Preschool Teacher: Downstairs Preschool Classroom

Leila lives in Millbury, MA and grew up in Worcester County. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Music and Education from UMass Amherst. She knew she wanted to be a teacher since high school. She began in this field because she has a burning desire to help guide young minds. Leila has been in child care for 20+ years; She has even taught in London, UK and Jerusalem, Israel. Her favorite classroom activities include science experiments and carpet-time discussions.

In her spare time, she loves to play music and is in a band called Uplifters. She likes to garden and spend time with her family. The one thing she would like people to know about her classroom is that she is constantly trying to improve per the needs of the classroom and children.

Kate Dedinas

Ms. Kate Dedinas

Preschool Teacher

Katie grew up in Millbury and graduated from Westfield State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She has her professional teaching license in Massachusetts and has been teaching in private preschools and public schools for the past 17 years.

Sue Irr

Ms. Susan Irr

Preschool Teacher

Susan lives in Millbury. She has a B.S. in Early Education with a minor in Special Education with Young Children from Fitchburg State University. She started as a bookkeeper in 2001 and worked as a Substitute Teacher covering the preschool classrooms while her children were in Elementary School. Then this led to a teacher’s position where she has been for the past 15 years. Susan got into teaching because her brother and older sister were teachers and she used to play school all the time. She has a passion for younger children to see how they can be creative in their art work and give them the experience to learn new things. Her favorite activities in the classroom are art projects and hearing stories that they create.

In her free time Ms. Susan likes to do puzzles and work in her gardens. She spends time with family and friends and has started kayaking the past few years.

The one thing she would like people to know about her classroom is that we always welcome parents to visit and volunteer. We are open to suggestions and are willing to give anything a try. We show our art work throughout our classroom!

Marie Cadet

Ms. Marie Cadet

Assistant, Toddler Classroom

Marie was born and raised in Haiti. She moved to Florida at the age of 21 where she went to school for accounting and worked in the business field. She has 3 children. When Marie’s youngest was 4, she moved her family to Millbury and started attending the Millbury Federated Church, where she discovered the Learning Center. Marie never thought that one day she would become a toddler teacher but is glad that she is one here today. God moved Marie and her children for a reason; God does beautiful things when we have faith. Her plans now are to further her education in early childhood education as she continues to love, care for and mold God’s children.

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Ms. Kendra Arrell

Kendra lives in Oxford, MA where she graduated High School and worked with her mom in a home day care. She is the mother of an 8 year old daughter. She has always wanted to work with children since she was a young girl. Kendra’s favorite activities in the classroom are arts and crafts and music. The thing she would most like parents to know about her time in the classroom is that she will do her best to help your child grow and learn as well as have fun doing it.

Amanda Haak

Ms. Amanda Haak

Teacher, Toddler Classroom

I lived in Hopedale, MA until I was eight and moved to Blackstone, MA.  When I got married in 2015, I moved to Auburn.  My educational background started in Southern New Hampshire University for Culinary Arts.  I knew I wanted to work with children by the end of my first year of college.  I was supposed to be looking for an internship related to my major but instead I found myself working at jobs in child care.  I knew then where my heart truly was.  At the end of my freshman year, I transferred to Quinsigamond Community College(QCC) where I graduated with an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.

My favorite activity in the classroom is anything art related, specifically if it involves painting with the children.  In my free time I play guitar, sing, write songs, a blog and books.  I also enjoy outdoor activities.

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Ms. Amanda Fuentes

Teacher, Infant Classroom

Amanda was born and raised right here in Millbury. In fact, she attended the MFC Nursery School as a child! In high school, she took Child Development and knew she wanted to work with children. She went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree from Wheelock College, completing practicum at Mass General Hospital, Floating Hospital and Old South Church. During her 18 plus years in this field, Amanda has worked with pre-kindergarteners, preschoolers, toddlers, and infants. She was an Afternoon Program Coordinator for a mixed preschool group. Although most of her experience is with 3 – 5 year old children, she has truly found her niche with the infants and toddlers!